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Aggravating conditions of modern life have a great impact on human health and especially affect the upper and lower respiratory system.

By approaching innovation from a different perspective, NAUMED® is constantly seeking alternative, easily accessible, beneficial ways to combat major health problems, which torment large numbers of the population.

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Innovative ideas, Research and Development

NAUMED® Ltd. is a medical research and development startup company, that was founded in 2015 by our medical team. Our chairman's vision is the decoding and conversion of nature's healing mechanisms into innovative medical products, targeting a series of health problems. The company's main area of focus is the upper and lower respiratory system, which our first revolutionary medical devices were developed to protect. Both Igmorino® and Anassa® delivery devices make use and take great advantage of Greek nature's valuable goods, rich in minerals, such as the  Aegean sea's flower of salt, aromatic plant extracts with high healing load, as well as already known active pharmaceutical ingredients, which are used in a topical and more efficient way. An upcoming area of focus that our ongoing study will address is to validate the correlation of 21 symptoms of unknown cause (e.g. headache, dizziness, fatigue) with specific peptic disorders.

NAUMED® Ltd. maintains scientific collaboration with SR21 - Institute for Scientific Research, Zurich.

Our Products
Our Products
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Igmorino® is a revolutionary upper respiratory system cleansing device, able to deliver a wide range of natural and pharmaceutical solutions. Up to date status:

• 100% greek product (inspiration, ingredients, herbal extracts, production)

• International patents granted (patented methodology in the USA - all major markets covered - 3 continents)

• CE mark approval (class I device)

• Complete development

• No competition by the existing nasal rinsing devices

• Innovative methodology which meets an important medical need

Igmorino® was initially developed for nasal decongestion, however its unique methodology, along with preliminary results obtained, led us to a series of near future studies, targeting the following indications/claims:

Planned clinical trial starting soon:

• Prevention and treatment of acute sinusitis/common cold

Future clinical trials:

• Prevention and cure of chronic sinusitis

• Prevention and cure of dry and atopic rhinitis

For all of the above our range of NaCl is used.

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Igmorino's®  nostril plugs come in two different sizes (S/M), providing perfect fit for every type of nose, for ages of 14 years onwards. They are available in four different colours, making them ideal for family use.

Igmorino's® range of solutions:

 0,9% Sea Salt Isotonic Solution

 2,3% Sea Salt Hypertonic Solution

• 3,5% Sea Salt Hypertonic Solution

"Five business groups were declared winners of the 7th John & Mary Pappajohn business plan contest, recently organized by the ACT (American College of Thessaloniki) entrepreneurship center. [...] Among the groups that stood out, a place also belongs to Dr. George Naoum's Igmorino. [...] It is easy to use in a simple, painless way. It is applied by the patient, relieving him dramatically, without any medical intervention.[...]"

Kathimerini Newspaper 14/07/2020
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The object and purpose of the Anassa® project is the development of an innovative device for the administration of plant extracts from aromatic and medicinal plants (AMP) of the Greek flora, which are included among the phytotherapeutic drugs of the European Medicines Agency (EMA), for the treatment of acute and chronic diseases of the lower respiratory tract, diseases affecting a large portion of the population. This proposal aims to meet the growing consumer demand for safe, environmentally friendly, efficient and innovative products, promoting the know-how, competitiveness and synergy of Greek companies.

Among the goals of Anassa® are:

(i) the promotion and protection of Greek biodiversity by promoting organic farming as a means of obtaining plant raw materials with the required specifications.

(ii) the involvement of "green technologies" in the production of innovative infusions and fortified extracts.

(iii) the establishment of an effective method of their administration in the form of a hot nebula for the treatment of serious lower respiratory problems. The normal function of the respiratory mucosa is disrupted by air pollution in modern society and predisposes to the development of respiratory dysfunction. Frequent and permanent infection of the mucosa of the bronchial tree favors the growth of microorganisms resulting in the appearance of chronic or acute infections. Inflammations cause additional burden on the loops, increased production of viscous secretions, difficulty in expectoration resulting in an increased chance of developing chronic diseases such as chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, COPD, etc. At the same time, we know from the traditions of the peoples that, in the treatment of respiratory diseases, the consumption of hot infusions and beverages is recommended, as they contain bioactive ingredients with antimicrobial and antioxidant properties that contribute to the healing of the respiratory mucosa.


In order to achieve our goals, in addition to the competent and specialised staff, NAUMED® has developed permanent collaborations and synergies with organisations of Medical interest, neighboring university bodies and companies such as:

- Athens Medical Group Private body, Pathological Clinic run by Dr. G. Naoum) for clinical practice and implementation of studies.

- B' Pathological Clinic of the University of Athens, Atticon University General Hospital for the organisation, coordination, monitoring, implementation and publication of the research program of NAUMED®.

- Department of Pharmacognosy of the UoA (Associate Professor N. Aligiannis) for the isolation and development of herbal preparations.

- Department of Pharmaceutical Technology of the UoA (Assistant Professor, E Karalis) for Statistical investigation - modelling of studies.

- Computer Solutions SA (CSSA) IT company for creating an online patient platform.

- Almi Finance Financial, consulting company for the design and support of investment projects.

- Aroma Farms Organic, farming company of aromatic and medicinal plants (AMP).

- Pellas Nature Production of natural preparations with the application of modern-green extraction using microwaves.

EE1: Production of selected AMPs of superior quality.

• P1.1: Exhibition of selection of propagating material and installation of organic crops.

• P1.2: Protocols for the receipt of volatile and non-volatile components.

• P1.3: Results of extraction and distillation of AMP for two growing seasons.

• P1.4: Evaluation report of chemical composition of essential oils and infusions.

• P1.5: Standardisation of products of the selected AMP.

EE2: Preparation and chemical evaluation of herbal preparations.

• P2.1: Protocols for the receipt of essential oils, infusions and enriched extracts using green techniques.

• P2.2: Report of qualitative and quantitative composition of essential oils.

• P2.3: Chemical load evaluation report of non-volatile preparations of the content of herbal preparations in phenolic compounds.

• P2.4: Exposure of phytochemical profile of selected extracts.

• P2.5: Report with the summaries of the papers that will be sent to conferences.

EE3: Biological evaluation of herbal preparations.

• P3.1: Evaluation report of the antioxidant activity of the decoctions and enriched extracts.

• P3.2: In vivo protocols for the evaluation of prophylactic and / or therapeutic action against inflammatory conditions of the respiratory tract.

• P3.3: Report of the results of the in vivo evaluation of the 5 selected herbal preparations in terms of their anti-inflammatory action.

• P3.4: Copies of scientific publications.

EE4: Formatting of selected preparations. Development of a pharmaceutical form and an original delivery device.

• P4.1: Construction plan of the innovative Anassa® delivery device.

• P4.2: Exhibition of pilot production and shaping of the selected herbal preparation.

• P4.3: Construction of the original device Anassa® and 50 copies for clinical trials.

EE5: Clinical evaluation of the administration of the phytotherapeutic preparation with the device Anassa®.

• P5.1: Protocol of clinical study.

• P5.2: Report of the results of the comparative study on the application of the phytotherapeutic preparation and the water nebula.

• P5.3: Report of the comparative study of the use of the device Anassa® and the device of trade.

• P5.4: Report with the results of the press conference and/or the workshops.

EE6: Evaluation of the commercial potential and economic utilisation of the use of the herbal preparation with the original device Anassa®.

• P6.1 Feasibility and sustainability study.

1) In order to raise the awareness of the general public regarding the therapeutic and economic value of Greek AFF, there will be a presentation of the project at the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (Innovathens) that supports the transfer of views, knowledge and experience for the future of Greek entrepreneurship. The successful operation of the Hub (over 900,000 visitors a year, familiarization of 8,000 children with science and technology, over 760 events, networking events, speeches, workshops, presentations, conferences, hackathons, competitions and festivals) will help to spread the word. research results to the general public. In addition, 87 business groups have joined the Innovathens Business Accelerator, 150 people presented their ideas to future partners and investors. It is becoming clear that the expected positive results of the Anassa® project will be a driving force for the activation and cooperation of other media, but will also contribute to the support of creating a network between researchers and young entrepreneurs. 

2) Presentation of research results at World and Panhellenic Pulmonary, Pathological and Pediatric Conferences and similar scientific conferences (2018-2020), organized annually by the respective scientific societies. In these events, in which the latest developments and advances of scientific studies for the treatment of respiratory diseases are presented, our participation will be of significant value, because we will present the Greek AFF as spa products of nature, which is the trend internationally.

3) Participation in a national or international conference organized by scientific companies for medicinal plants and natural products such as the Hellenic Society of Ethnopharmacology or the Society for Medicinal Plant and Natural Product Research (GA).

4) Writing a paper and publishing it in a reputable international scientific journal of pulmonological interest such as for example European Respiratory Journal, Thorax, Chest etc., but also in a reputable international scientific journal for natural products such as Planta medica, Journal of Natural Products, Phytochemistry etc.

5) Presentation of the combination of the standard delivery device and the pharmaceutical form of the herbal preparation in trade fairs with emphasis on research and innovation with conditions for participation as "success stories - innovative products".

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